Ted & Ardell
70 years together
March 15, 1941 - 2011

On March 15th, 1941 a severe blizzard struck without warning in North Dakota and Minnesota, stranding thousands.  In California, Mike Love was born, who would later be one of the founding members of the Beach Boys, and the New Yorker Magazine's cover story focused on Income and Defense Tax Returns. 

But in the parsonage of the First Baptist Church in Polk, Nebraska, Ardell Sandall and Ted Otte were married.

On March 12th, the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Ted & Ardell will hold an open house for the "newlyweds" at their current residence of Rolling Hills Ranch in Omaha, Nebraska.  Cards may be sent to:
Ted & Ardell Otte
4324 North 132nd Street Apt. 221
Omaha, NE 68164

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Otte, March 15, 1941



1991 on their 50th Anniversary

In 2009 with daughter Ann, granddaughters and their families.