Oak Table - Purchased around 1917 by his Chuck's Grandfather and Grandmother Sandall.  After their passing, Chuck's mother, Ardell Otte inherited it, about 1967, and she passed it on to Chuck when Ted and Ardell moved to a retirement home in September 2008.

The table was manufactured by the Robbins Table Company, Owasso, Michigan.  It is oak, 5 leg design, approximately 44" by 44" with no leaves.  It has 6 leaves that are stored within the table.  Chuck refinished the table and one leaf in the mid 1970s.  The photo above shows the table with two leaves in place, the one that was refinished and one that is of the original finish.

Showing the 5 leg design.  The end legs are actually attached to one board unit.  The slides utilize a cable and pulley system to keep the 5th leg centered no matter what size the table is opened to and also stores the leaves when they are not in use.

This shows the end of the table with the door where the leaves are stored.

At this same downsizing in their household, Ted and Ardell gave Chuck a pitcher that was part of an original set that Chuck's Grandfather and Grandmother Otte had in their household.  This item survived a tornado that destroyed the Otte/Bingham farmstead in September 1923.  The pitcher is marked C. Challinor & Co, England.  The pitcher was made between 1892 and 1896.